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Welcome to Asterics !

(also known as the Asteroseismology and Stellar Dynamics group)

We are a research group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria ISTA dedicated to studying the internal dynamics of stars, using a technique known as asteroseismology. 
We are excited to share our research findings, and we invite you to join us in exploring the secrets of magnetic stellar evolution. 

For more information about Astrophysics research and people at ISTA, click HERE

Latest News

29. Apr. 2024

New Accepted article in ApJ

Detectability of axisymmetric magnetic fields from the core to the surface of oscillating post-main sequence stars

22. Jän. 2024

ORF Regionales | Niederösterreich heute

Sternenlicht voller Geheimnisse

31. Dez. 2023

Wiener Zeitung | Österreichs jüngste Professorin blickt in die Sterne

Die Astrophysikerin Lisa Bugnet über Frauen in der Wissenschaft, ihre Karriere und die Sterne am Nachthimmel.

11. Juni 2023

New Letter to the editor in A&A

Asymmetries of frequency splittings of dipolar mixed modes: a window on the topology of deep magnetic fields

23. Feb. 2023

First Astrophysics Professor at ISTA

Rising star Lisa Bugnet brings a new field of research to the Institute

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